Los Angeles Leica Project

When Leica asked me to work on a project for them using their new SL mirrorless body, I quickly booked a trip out west. I could have easily stayed in Jersey, but I needed to get a variety of different stuff for them. Sorry Jersey, but it had to be done. I mainly needed some fresh scenery that I hadn’t seen before to get my creative juices flowing. My initial thought was to head out to Joshua Tree, a spot I’ve wanted to shoot at for a while. Those plans quickly fell through once I found out this is the worst time of year to venture out there. Rather then head somewhere else, I decided to keep my trip booked for LA and make the most of it. Having a good amount of friends and other photographers I know from the LA area, I knew it would be a good trip and I would still get to shoot a variety of different looks that I simply couldn’t get in NJ, PA, or NYC.

Photo By: Douglas Polle

Since I’m still working on the project, I can’t talk too much about it right now, but I wanted to throw a quick blog post together with a handful of shots from my time out in LA. I was only out there for 3 days, which made for a packed schedule of shooting and a shit ton of driving on the 405 sitting in traffic. My good friend Douglas Polle, another NJ wedding photographer came along with me. I’ll be posting a video this coming week discussing the trip, the Leica project, and some new announcements for the Twisted Society. 

Photo By: Kate Noelle

Bottom left: Ning Wong, Me, Brady Puryear, Paul Von Rieter. Middle left: Douglas Polle, Tim King, Brian Carter. Top: Kate Noelle

Leica SL Images

All of the Leica SL shots were taken with either the 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH or the 24mm f/1.4 Summilux. I also took some of these by free lensing, which actually works really good since the "M Mount" Lenses have a smaller mount that the SL and need the T adaptor. If your interested in checking out the "First Impressions" Review of the SL when I pre-tested it prior to Leica announcing it, check it out HERE.

These are just a random handful of shots from my brief little trip to Cali, and have a week left of the Leica project. I'm pretty happy with the shots I came home with from the trip, and I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who helped me put this together last minute. All the couples for their time and being awesome to work with. All my Cali friends who helped me with shooting locations and good taco joints. Special thank you to Dan and Grace Sauer who were kind enough to let us crash with them all week. Keep an eye out for the video I'll be posting soon about the Leica Project.