Chasing The Light

Shot entirely with the Leica SL and the 50mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH M-Mount with the Leica adaptor. I had brought my M10P to shoot as well but didn’t realize the battery was dead and the spare was back at the studio on the charger. The last shoot that I did with Katt, I had a very specific vision in mind and not only did the location that we had planned on shooting at fall through, but I my goal of shooting all natural light didn’t pan out either. This time, we decided to give it another go, but about 10 minutes after we started shooting the sun dipped behind the clouds and never came back out. We plan on shooting again in a couple weeks to hopefully get the shots that we had originally set out to get, but also to get some shots to finish up my review and comparison of the Leica 50mm Summilux M-mount and SL-Mount.

INSPIRATION - Valuable Lessons From Being Photographed Yourself

Being in front of the camera rather than behind it is an interesting topic for me. There were a lot of different directions I could have gone when I was asked to write about any lessons I’ve learned. I’m actually in front of the camera a lot being that my wife Sandi is a talented photographer who has shot weddings with me since day one. I grew up with a Mom who was a wedding photographer, so just like my son, I grew up being photographed more than most children. There’s also the few times that our small family of three have had other photographers take our family photos. With all of that being said, there’s a direction that I can go with this topic that most other photographers can’t. Being in front of a camera ultimately taught me the most valuable lesson as a photographer. It taught me that I had an interest in learning how to use a camera.

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San Diego Project

I had to fly out to San Diego last week to work on a project and decided to bring Sandi and Luke along with me. I can’t share any details about the project, but I did edit a handful of photos that Sandi and I took during the extra days we spent after the project wrapped up. My father was also in San Diego for work so we got to spend some time with him as well before he flies back to Thailand. We stayed in Old Town, and spent three days enjoying some time away from work right before the holidays. We took Luke to Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium, which were actually a lot bigger and much better than I had expected. We also spent a lot of time hanging out in La Jolla and caught a couple nice sunsets as you’ll see.

We always try to pack light, so we only brought one camera/lens combo each. So, for those of you wondering, all of these were taken with either a 24 or a 50. All of my shots are taken with the Leica M10 + 24mm Summilux while Sandi’s were taken with the Canon EOS R + 50L. She basically brought the EOS R to see if spending a week with it would change her mind about it. Nope. It’s going back and she’s sticking with her 5D Mk4’s. Editing the photos, and being that I’m a fan of the previous Canon 50L, I agree with Sandi that the new one lacks character and still has fringing issues. But anyways… here’s some photos from our trip. Enjoy!

The Gift - Behind The Scenes

Christmas is the time of year for friends and family to get together and enjoy one another's company. At the Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show, the Christmas spirit starts early. Held every year, it has become a tradition for many.

A handful of BTS shots that I took during the filming of this commercial for the Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show. It’s always interesting when you get the chance to see other creatives at work, especially in this kind of environment. Not only do you have the camera team, but the lighting crew, grips, the director, the actors and actresses, etc. Matt Mahoney, the talented cinematographer behind the camera, filming this entire commercial, is a good friend of mine. It was very cool getting to see him in his element, especially since we often have discussions on the creative similarities and differences between shooting video and stills. I can honestly say though, when it comes to the video side of things, it really is a whole other world than the photography one I’m so used to. While these BTS photos don’t do this talented crew much justice they do give a little behind scenes look into their world.

The majority of this was shot during the day with the windows blacked out, in a real home, not on a production set. All the photos are shot with the Leica SL or M10P.

Guest Appearance - Get In Focus

Guest appearance on the Jackie Stinsman hosted ‘Get In Focus’ RVN TV Series. This is the full video, from start to finish, just under 30 mins.




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