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South Jersey wedding photographer Jay Cassario blog. Writer for SLR Lounge and 

Defining Your Style

Jay Cassario



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How can you separate yourself from everyone else? By creating an editing style that fits your vision and is all your own.

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to finding an editing style, is trying to replicate the exact look of another photographer. Sure, it works for them, and it can make your work look similar, but it's their look. With all the one-click presets out today, photographers just starting out aren't taking the time to learn the editing software to edit without them. At the same time, workshops are popping up all over the place by photographers claiming to share their secrets, then only showing exactly how they edit their images. Workshops like these will only leave you still struggling to find your own look, but knowing how to duplicate the look of the photographer who's workshop you just took. 


I spent close to 5 years trying to come up with a look that I was truly happy with, a look that I felt was my own. Lets be honest, nothing is truly unique anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't find an editing style that fits the vision you have. A couple years ago, I finally came up with a look that I felt best fit my style, and created a process to get me there pretty easily. Whether I was shooting Nikon, Canon, or Leica, I was able to get the process to be consistent across the board with a few minor tweaks. 

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Since the majority of the questions I get are related to my editing style, I wanted to take the time and show a handful of photographers exactly how I edit my photos. But, unlike other workshops you may take, I want to show you how I came up with the look that my images have. This webinar is more about how to create a look of your own, just like I did, while still showing you exactly how I edit my images. Along with showing you how to create a preset and process that is your own, I also plan on going over some other important topics. 


1. How I edit my images, going from RAW to final edit. 

2. How I came up with my preset and process, and how you can too.

3. How I shoot to help get the look I am going for.

4. The gear I use and why.

4. How I organize and back up my files.

5. All the different editing software I use, how I use it, and why. Along with Lightroom tricks that not everyone may know about. 

6. Basic Photoshop tricks 

7. Q&A


The Live webinar where everyone was able to answer questions was $220, the Replay is for sale now for $120! Please click on the link below if you would like to purchase the replay.