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Acadia Vaca 2019

A handful of shots from our yearly trip up to Maine. We had originally planned on skipping this year but with one weekend off before our son Luke started kindergarten we drove up last minute and stayed at the Harborside Hotel. We have been vacationing up in Maine near Bar Harbor and Acadia for over 20 years now and every since we watched the Harborside being built we had wanted to stay there but never did. Definitely a great place to stay and well worth the spending a little more than what we normally do. We normally stay in cabin on a lake and enjoy roughing it a little more, but staying right in Bar Harbor was pretty nice. We spent the days hiking our favorite spots in Acadia with our son and went completely unplugged throughout the entire trip. No phone. No laptop. Need to do that more often.

After spending 5 days in Bar Harbor we drove out to the cabin we normally stay at in the town of Franklin, ME, where we stayed with friends for the last couple of days. We hit up Schoodic Point on our last day and had a blast hiking with our son enjoying the awesome weather.

All the photos were taken with the M10P + 35mm Summilux or my wife’s Leica Q2.




Includes lodging with 3 meals

3 days of learning with myself, Jason Vinson, and Bud Johnson.


Camp Reset was created with the idea of placing importance on taking time for yourself as a business owner, since it is rarely realized in a small company. Along with continuing to learn and educate yourself, it’s just as important to set aside time to recharge, take a deep breath, and see where you and your business are in order to make necessary improvements and to invest in new ideas.

Join Jay Cassario, Jason Vinson, and Bud Johnson on an intimate and epic experience designed to inspire the hell out of you through gaining insight into their vision and shooting techniques. The three of them will inspire you through their love for their craft, their artistic and creative approach, while also being complete open books sharing everything they know with nothing held back. You’ll be spending three days with other like-minded creatives who are all looking to do the same exact thing you are, to be inspired and grow as photographers and artists while making new friends along the way. That’s what workshops like this are all about, an experience that changes you not only as a photographer, but as a person.


OFF THE GRID - A Wedding Workshop In Iceland

Workshop-Iceland-Hero-Image copy.jpg

So, I was finally able to make it happen, a wedding photography workshop in Iceland with two good friends and talented photographers Jason Vinson and Bud Johnson! Click on the image above to get more details and see what we have planned. Basically, it’s 5 days in Iceland that will be the fun and adventurous workshop that I’ve had in mind for the past 3 years. The sad news is that we can only bring 8 photographers with us, so if this is something you’re interested in I wouldn’t hesitate to grab your spot. Food and transportation are covered, plus Leica will be providing free gear for anyone that wants to take a loaner with them to shoot with throughout their trip! Really looking forward to this one!

Leica Q2 Photoshoot

Prior to its launch this past Thursday, March 7th, I had the opportunity to test out the new Leica Q2 for a few weeks. Here is the first photoshoot that I brought it on, each photo below of the beautiful and talented Katt Wilkins was shot at 28mm f/1.7. This was the first of several shoots I shot with it, but also my favorite. Even though it was cold and raining, we shot for a little over an hour and I was able to get a real good feel for how the new Q handled and performed. The sun that you’ll see in some of the shots is simply the affect from using off-camera flash with MagMod grids and warming gels.

If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a lot more sample shots here in my “First Impressions” review - THE LEICA Q2.