Twisted Birch (New Preset)

Before (RAW) / After (LR Preset)


Before (LR Preset) / After (ASE Preset)



Lightroom presets

These LR presets can be used as one-click presets or as a base to design and create your own. Each of the 4 color presets come with their own toolbox that will help you customize the base even if you aren’t an expert at LR. You’ll be able to create warmer or cooler tones, adjust the tone curve, or tweak the profile with one click. You’ll also be able to reset each of them if you don’t like the affect. There are also two B&W presets which also have their own toolbox.


LR + Exposure Preset BUNDlE

With the purchase of this bundle, you will receive all of the LR presets plus a multi-layered preset for Alien Skin Exposure (ASE). If you don’t already own ASE, you will receive a discount code that can be used at the end of your one month trial which will drop the price from $120 to $99. ASE uses layers like Photoshop and is one of the most powerful editing softwares out today. The preset you will receive with this bundle is a multi-layered preset that allows you to fine tune the LR edits you made to make your images pop.


Twisted Neutral + ASE Preset

Twisted Copper + ASE Preset



I’ve been asked for years by other photographers if they could buy my presets, and until now I have always said that I have no plans on selling them. It had nothing to do with not wanting to share the look that I created, it was more about not wanting to add noise to the already oversaturated preset market. I’ve spent 5 years now creating these presets and whether you use the Lightroom presets alone or the bundle, you’ll be getting much more than just a handful of one click presets. This is more of a preset system that will serve as both an editing tool and learning tool. Each preset is designed with its own toolbox that allows you to make changes to customize the preset. Learning how each change is made will help you learn to make additional changes to create the look you are going for. While Lightroom is still the most popular editing software on the market for wedding photographers, there are many flaws to it. It’s a very limiting software which is why any image that you see me post on social media, my website, or in a blog post has not only been edited in LR but also Alien Skin Exposure. Alien Skin Exposure is what I use to fine tune every single one of my images and it’s impossible to get the same look with LR alone. Because of the fact that most photographers haven’t ventured away from LR, I wanted to offer a free webinar to show you step by step how I use these presets and how important the Alien Skin Exposure step of my editing is for achieving the look that I’m going for.

On April 11th, prior to making the presets available to purchase, I hosted a free webinar where I demonstrated the best way to utilize this preset system. The preset system is designed to not only create a similar look to mine but a look all your own. Below is the replay of the webinar for anyone interested in learning a little more about the preset system.

webinar Replay

Intro to the twisted Presets


Alien Skin Exposure (ASE):

Timestamp: 36:55 - Using ASE as a plugin to fine tune the LR edits creating a final image that stands out.

Enhancing Sun Flare:

Timestamp: 1:17:24 - Editing a photo in LR using the Twisted Preset System then enhancing the sun flare that’s already there, something you can’t do in LR alone.