The new Twisted PRESETS

After years of teaching other photographers how to become better at post-processing and demonstrating how I created the unique look and editing style that help others recognize my work, I’m finally releasing a preset system to the public. I’ve held off for several years as emails poured in asking if I sold presets, but I never wanted to sell a one-click preset system for others to simply copy my style. I watched as more and more one-click presets continued to hit the market which only made me want to hold off even longer not wanting to add any more noise to an already saturated market.

Now, the timing is right and I’ve dedicated a lot of time over the past couple of years developing a system that can not only be used as one-click presets but as a complete system that starts with a base and walks you through one-click modifications. The one-click modifications allow photographers to take the base presets that I’ve created and customize them to have a unique look that is all your own. If you don’t like the dark and moody style that others often refer to my work as (although I don’t consider it dark and moody), they don’t have to be. You don’t like the look of the greens in the preset we use for Twisted Oaks Studio? No problem, you can modify them with a simple click while learning how the adjustment was made to change it ever further.

These presets are also designed to show you the flaws of Lightroom that are ultimately holding you back from creating a look that’s unique.

If Lightroom is all you have ever known, you have no idea as to how limited you are in certain areas of your post-processing. For this reason, the Twisted Preset System offers an additional “Layered” preset in Alien Skin Exposure that can be used as a plugin to Lightroom. You still use Lightroom and the Twisted Oaks Presets, but you now have a software that can be used for fine tuning and making final adjustments before posting to a blog or on social media. This is the final step that all of my photos get put through which is ultimately what makes my editing stand out. Because it’s such a crucial part to my editing, I’ve made the multi-layered ASE preset only an additional $30 to add it on. With the bundle purchase, you’ll receive a free month trial of Alien Skin Exposure as well as a discount code that will save you $30 on the software which is normally $129.00.

Please CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to learn more about the Twisted Preset System and the free webinars on April 11th and 12th that will be a one time intro to the presets as well as a one time early adopter discount code!