Hustle + (work)Flow Workshop


This is the first year that have decided to do workshops, but not on my own, by teaming up with other talented photographers to offer something a little more unique, special, and an overall more valuable experience. I teamed up with Chad DiBlasio, the owner of DiBlasio Photo and Design, and Tim Hussey, the owner and creator of the BEST studio managing software on the market... Pixifi. We held the workshop in Chad's hometown of Granville, Ohio.

Our main goal with this workshop was simply to offer something different then the current workshop trend of branding, style, editing, and business strategy. We wanted to offer an intimate and small workshop where we focused on "The Why" of what drives us, pushes us, and how we use that to "Hustle" in this over-saturated photography industry. We also wanted to focus on relationships, and the importance of building them, not only with other photographers and industry folks, but our clients. 

Now that I'm home, and settled back in and able to reflect on the 2 day workshop, I couldn't be happier with how everything went. We laughed, we cried (well, everyone except Tim), we opened up with each other, listened, spoke about things we are passionate about, and had one of the best workshop experiences we have all ever had. Everyone had such an awesome time and learned such valuable lessons to take home with them to put into practice, that we are doing it again this September!

To give you a little glimpse into what the workshop was about, and will be about again in September, we each explained a little about what we spoke on, and a few of our attendees gave us a short excerpt of what they got out of it! 

Teaser for the September workshop will come out soon, leave a comment at the bottom with your email address if interested in being kept in the loop on details :) We are only taking 10 total attendees to keep it small and intimate again :)

The Why 

The Presenters

I spoke about why I do this, how I got started, and what drives me. I shared the most personal story I have ever shared with a group of people, got a little emotional, and explained its impact on my life and photography business. I explained why I wear two wedding bands. What my tattoo means. I discussed why building relationships in this industry with other photographers, industry leaders, and your clients should be your number one focus. 


Chad - DiBlasio Photo+Design

My story comes from my family. My grandparents especially: who they were and what kind of lives they lived have deeply impacted me and colored the story I know am telling with my life. I talked a lot about this in the "hustle" section of the shop b/c this now gives me the drive to live that life with my own family. I discussed how that love of life and family allows me to very cohesively build a brand focused on legacy and memories and tangible goods that MEAN something, not just are fashionable or make a solid profit. I also talked a lot about the business side of our work, retirement, pricing to profit and the ideology behind our sales approach with clients and family/love being our focus.

Tim - Pixifi  (ALSO A SPONSOR)

I started Pixifi right after I started shooting weddings, as I saw that I really needed to stay organized and use it to provide amazing service to my wedding clients! Pixifi was born out of necessity! What really makes me happy and why I do what I do is to help other people just like me, automate their businesses with my software! It's really amazing to see that something that I started for myself has helped and is helping so many people! What better feeling is there?


"This workshop gave me the confidence to explain my prices to clients and have confidence in the product or piece of art that I create and even increase my sales in the area of prints, canvases and albums. The biggest part of the workshop that really hit home was something I had known all along and had been told my entire life, "Relationships are everything" but for some reason that weekend that stuck with me and it's made a huge impact in how I connect with my clients which creates more successful, unique and authentic photography."

"The Hustle and (work)Flow-shop was more than it thought I needed. Who doesn't need a little help in their workflow? Tim from Pixifi, (who is an all around genuinely good guy), explained his system the way a friend would and not like a programer (let alone the creator of the company). I didn't feel pressured into using the software; it was more of a suggestion of “Hey, this thing helps. You may find it useful”. What Chad and Jay taught is that workflow doesn't stop at the computer, it continues on to the finished product and to the clients. It is not all about editing photos or what pre-sets do you use, it is making sure the client understands what they receive when they book with you and that their expectations are met. I thought I knew what motivated me to be a photographer, but I was wrong."

"Jay and Chad have a passion that drives them to do what they do. I was something that I thought I had lost. They helped me find it again. I spent the weekend sharing laughs and stories with people that seemed like old friends, all while learning how to be a better photographer along the way. Having what I learned sink in for the last few days, it was more than I expected to gain. I had every excuse not to go, but I am glad I did."

"When I signed up for the Hustle and {work} flow workshop I knew that is was going to be focused on our business and didn't really know what I should expect. Jay and Chad had a very personal approach and were truly genuine in their desire to help not only understand my business but me as a person. This workshop was amazing on so many different levels. There was so much laughter, sincere moments and even some tears. All creating amazing moments, that will leave a lasting impression on me. Was this workshop conventional? No, but that is what made it one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time. We didn't always follow schedule but what we did talk about was meaningful and important into understand what each one of us really needed. It was an experience I am grateful to have had. I couldn't think of a better more positive way to have spent my weekend. I made friends and connections that extend deep within me and I am grateful for each and every moment I had at this workshop."


 To our awesome sponsors!