camera bag

ONA + Saltfish Surf Co. Collection

Last week I drove up to New York and had lunch with my good friends at ONA bags. I usually try to catch up with them every couple months, and we needed to talk about the upcoming Narrows Workshop that they are sponsoring. I've built a really solid relationship with ONA over the past few years and I have a great deal of respect for them as a company. Not only because of the awesome people running the show over there but because they are an industry leading bag company that continues to expand on the artistry of their product line. They are very much involved in the photographer community, getting out and really taking the time to know their clients. Whether it's through hosting or joining in on photo-walks, photographer collaborations, or sponsoring workshops, it's nice to see them making it a priority to get involved. It's companies like ONA that inspire me as not only an entrepreneur but also as a creative. 

While I was there, they introduced me to their newest limited edition collaboration, as well as a few other new products coming down the line soon. Their newest collection is one that I absolutely loved. They took their most popular bag, the Bowery, and merged it with the trademark style of Saltfish Surf Co's surfboard totes. The bags feature textiles designed and woven by a family-owned mill in Oaxaca, Mexico for this project, and they feel exactly like the woven blankets that I have bought every time I've been down to Mexico myself. Having them tell me about their trip down to Mexico to work with Saltfish on these bags, it only made me want one for my myself. Trust me, I don't need another camera bag. If you could only see the collection I have now, I really need to put them all together and take a photo to show them off. I always see other photographers talk about their camera bag collections and it makes me smile and think... you should see what I have stocked away. 

Well, being that there are only 100 of these bags, and I love the ONA Bowery line, I made sure that I went home with one that day. I mean, come on, it's just an early Father's Day gift. So, what am I using it for? Take a look... fits like a glove :)