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Sandi's Maternity Pics

I wanted to share a handful of our favorite maternity shots from Sandi's pregnancy, and since Luke is now here, I will keep this short. Everyone who knows Sandi, knows how much she absolutely hates getting her picture taken, but I left her no choice during her pregnancy and made her suck it up. Even though she hates it, I knew this was a time in her life that she would want to remember, especially since this will most likely be the only time we do this. Just like I thought, she loves all the shots we got.

If you don't know the struggles Sandi and I went through for 6 long years, rather than talk about it again, here is the link to the story we wrote that got published in the magazine Fertility Road magazine a few months back - FERTILITY ROAD. Our baby boy, Luke Valentino Cassario is finally here and we couldn't be happier that God has blessed us like he did. Thank you for all the prayers, emails, texts, and Facebook messages!

At the end is a video I shot right after Luke was born and they were cleaning him up. 

Enjoy :)

The Maternity Pics

Video I shot of Luke moments after being born

Wedding In The Pines

Stylized / Inspirational Shoot 

The Nikon Df - My Thoughts & Quick Review

The Nikon Df - My Thoughts & Quick Review

The Nikon Df is a very unique camera. With it's vintage look and highly praised sensor, it had a lot of photographers drooling over it before it even hit the shelves. It also had it's critics ripping it apart. Call it a hippy camera if you want, but while this camera may not be for everyone, it works for me. It can't be fairly compared to the D800, it's not meant to be a D800. It also can't be fairly compared to the D4, it's not meant to be a D4. The Df is a unique camera and one that we haven't seen up until now, but there is a lot more to it than just it's pretty retro exterior.