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INSPIRATION - Valuable Lessons From Being Photographed Yourself

Being in front of the camera rather than behind it is an interesting topic for me. There were a lot of different directions I could have gone when I was asked to write about any lessons I’ve learned. I’m actually in front of the camera a lot being that my wife Sandi is a talented photographer who has shot weddings with me since day one. I grew up with a Mom who was a wedding photographer, so just like my son, I grew up being photographed more than most children. There’s also the few times that our small family of three have had other photographers take our family photos. With all of that being said, there’s a direction that I can go with this topic that most other photographers can’t. Being in front of a camera ultimately taught me the most valuable lesson as a photographer. It taught me that I had an interest in learning how to use a camera.

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Pro Photographer Tricks Using Creative Accessories

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Having used a regular mirror and Prism a couple times, I always wondered how I could make it a little more creative to help bring the focus towards the subject. While on a trip to shoot a destination wedding, I had to pick up a pack of razors and stumbled upon mirrors that had holes in them for hanging in the shower. Boom, I immediately thought about how that’s what had been missing. Gave it a try at the destination wedding. No luck, just frustration. Then tried it a few more times and got it figured out, giving me the ability to do something much more unique than using just a mirror alone as you can see. You can purchase it here.


Thought Process - Creative Compositions

An SLR Lounge article giving some insight to 10 wedding photographers, including myself, and our thought process that goes into creating compositions. Basically, what is going through our heads before we even think about clicking the shutter. It’s a great article with some great advice with all 10 photographers offering a different perspective. Click on the image to read the entire article.

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It wasn’t until she passed that the idea of photographing a wedding even entered my head. My first wedding was a friend of mine, like most started out, and both my wife and I decided to take the job as a way to honor her. It felt like she was there with me every step of the way, as well as every wedding since. I fell in love with the challenge. I fell in love with the artistry; the idea that each and every wedding presented its own challenges, its own story, and its own unique way of helping me keep the memories of my mom alive.