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South Jersey wedding photographer Jay Cassario blog. Writer for SLR Lounge and 

Leica S (Type 007)

Jay Cassario

Just about a month ago, my friend and Leica rep John Kreidler stopped in at the studio and handed me their medium format Leica S (Type 007) with the Summicron-S 100mm lens to test out in the studio for a few days. Well, they didn't have to pull my arm very hard, and luckily I had a couple shoots already lined up over that weekend. While I didn't have it long enough to put together a full review, I wanted to simply share a handful of shots from each shoot. I was blown away by the image quality and detail in the S images, especially the rendering of the 100mm f/2 Summicron lens. While there were a couple things that I didn't like about the camera, the lens was one of the most impressive I've ever shot with. I'll be getting my hands on it again in the near future to test a little further to hopefully be able to throw a quick review together for those interested in learning what the MF offering by Leica is all about and how it performs. Maybe even a head to head test against the GFX50... wouldn't that be interesting.

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