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Exploring The PNW


South Jersey wedding photographer Jay Cassario blog. Writer for SLR Lounge and 

Exploring The PNW

Jay Cassario

After returning home from my recent 9 day trip out to Portland for the Mystic Seminars, happy to see my family again, I tried to come up with the best words to describe the trip. No matter how I spun it, the word that kept coming to mind was.... Thankful. 

 Photo Credit: Douglas Polle

Photo Credit: Douglas Polle

I left my son for the first time for more than just a couple days, and I had mixed feelings about the trip when I left. I spent the week exploring, learning, eating, drinking, and making new friends. Now that I'm home and settled back in, I'm extremely thankful for everything about the trip. While I did miss the shit out of my son, seeing the excitement on his face when he woke up to me in the morning, I had no regrets. 

This trip was eye opening for me, a game changer in the way I see things, both creatively and in business. I'm thankful for the industry that I'm in, and for the photographers that were at Mystic to share, teach, and learn from one another. I'm thankful for the honesty from everyone. I'm thankful for the friendships I made... real friendships. Real connections that will last long after this past week. I'm thankful for the adventures we had, learning from one another, being brave and creative, while not hiding our flaws. 

I'm thankful for the tears, the emotions, the laughing until I couldn't breath. It was one of those trips, one I won't forget for a long time. As far as the images I captured on the trip, they are simply a collection of the places I got to see, along with some creative images we wanted to capture taking advantage of the epic scenery the PNW has to offer.


I shot film, polaroids, and all the digital images were shot on either the Leica M240 or M-P, with either the Leica 24, 35, or 50mm Summilux lenses.