The Bowery for Leica

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of ONA bags, and both myself and my wife own a few. Not only do they look good, but they are comfortable, and take a good beating from me without showing it. Since they are made with premium Italian leather, the more I beat them up, the better they actually look. Just like my favorite pair of jeans, my favorite hat, and most of my shirts, they look exactly how they feel... broken in. The ONA bags are no different. 

I've been lucky enough to have gotten to know the folks at ONA pretty good over the past year, and love their company now as much as their bags. While I was NYC for the Photo Plus Expo, I sat down with them over coffee and just talked photography. It was great getting to see that these beautiful bags are made by down to earth awesome people that are photographers themselves. Knowing that I am Leica shooter, they also had something new to show me. I have owned the ONA Bowery for a little over a year now and besides the wise cracks about it looking like a purse on me, it's my favorite camera bag for carrying my Leica gear. This morning, ONA announced the new Bowery for Leica shooters, and it's gorgeous bag. It's my same Bowery that I've been beating up over the past year, lined with red inside to match the Leica logo. 

Being that I'm a guy that spends most of my free time in the woods camping, hiking, or out on the water fishing, why do I care what my camera bag looks like? It's pretty simple actually, and it's the fact that when shooting weddings and meeting with clients, it's very important to me that they know I have a little bit of style. My clients pay a lot of money to have me take their photos, and make sure that while I'm doing that, help them look their best. I have always wanted to my clients to trust my judgement when it comes to style, and showing them that I have a little of my own goes a long way. When clients come to my house, one of the first things they see are my ONA bags that sit near my desk, and they always comment on how nice they are. 

Yes, it's a small bag, but it's perfect for when I need to shoot with just my Leica gear, and travel light. I often shoot full engagement shoots with just my Leica gear, so the ONA Bowery is the perfect bag, especially when out on little adventures for the shoots. The new Bowery for Leica just looks so dam good I couldn't help but buy it at the end of testing period. Head over to the ONA website,, to see more about their bags, and feel free to leave me any questions you have.