Cass Imaging Before & After Shoot

I did a shoot with these three girls for Cass Imaging, showing their before photos when they first arrived at the studio, and then the final edited head shot. When using a D800, the detail that comes along with 36MP can be absolutely amazing when shooting landscapes, but when it comes to portrait work, it's a little different. Its still amazing and the detail in the RAW images are like no other, but you need to know how to edit properly for it to work to your advantage. Extreme detail is awesome in certain areas of a portrait, but not so awesome in others, so you need to know where to leave that detail...and when to dull it down a bit. Here are three before shots, basically RAW images uploaded into Lightroom 4 and a little sharpness applied, not much. The final images were taken after the girls applied their makeup and each was edited in Lightroom, the way I edit all my portrait work. It was a fun shoot, so I through in a few of the goofy shots that we got. The setup for these was simple, one strobe camera left shot into umbrella, one strobe on the floor shot against backdrop, both triggered by Nikon CLS. Camera was the D800 with a Sigma 85mm F1.4. You can click on each image to see a larger version of it. Enjoy!