Cass Imaging Home Studio - Time lapse Video

Here is a time lapse video of Sandi and I putting our home studio together from scratch. We turned our spare bedroom into a small studio that we could use during the winter months while its too cold to be shooting outdoors. I had recieved a lot of questions about how we did it and what we used, so we stripped it down and built it back up while making a time lapse video of us doing it. It's a quick video and doesn't show that we have 3 hardwood floors, a few different backdrops, and a nice little collection of props now, but it shows how we basically took a spare bedroom, emptied it out, and turned it into our studio that we have used for a number of shoots now. The window makes for great natural light at a good angle, and there's plenty of room to move around and be comfortable even with a few people.

Now please don't beat me up too bad on the quality of the time lapse, there are a few speed changes and few frames I could have gotten rid of, but this was my first time lapse I had ever done and it was frustrated the hell out of me just getting it to this, lol. Enjoy!