New Monthly Newsletter - Sign up to win!

As wedding season for Twisted Oaks is about to get into the thick and heavy, finding time to keep up with everyone on an individual basis is going to be tough. I always try to answer all my emails, Facebook messages, and even text messages, but running a multi-photographer studio along with shooting 40+ weddings this year is going to make it tough to keep that trend going. I think it's time to do something that I had held off on doing up until this point, simply because I really didn't want to create more emails for anyone to read. Well, it's happening, and I'm going to be sending out a monthly newsletter. I know... I know. But wait, keep reading :)

I decided it was time for a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on my work, projects, articles, tutorials, new workshop announcements, webinars, and anything else I feel you WANT to see. It's also a good way to keep me pushing out fresh content at least a few times a month, and giving you the opportunity to email me with requests rather than a Facebook message that I may miss. 

Over the past year I've received tons of requests asking me to do a webinar on how I use Lightroom and ASE to edit my images, along with all of Twisted Oaks images. With the first newsletter that goes out, I'll be announcing the first workflow and editing webinar where I'll go over two important topics. First, how I came up with the look and style of my images and the process that you can use to find your own. Second, exactly how I edit my images, from start to finish, showing exactly how I achieve the look that took me several years to be completely happy with. I'm going to keep it small for the webinar, only allowing 20 signups, and making it exclusive to those who receive the newsletter. I'll also be giving 2 free spots away, the remaining spots will only be $75. 

Ok, now to the good stuff, and the reason for the logos that your eyes keeping drifting off to at the bottom of screen. Since I truly and honestly don't want you to sign up for more emails without giving a huge THANK YOU to those that do, three of my favorite companies are going to spice things up a little. G-Tech, ONA, and B&H Photo are going to sponsor the newsletter and each give one of the first 100 sign-ups a prize.

G-tech will be giving one of their 1TB rugged G-Drive ev ATC with Thunderbolt, my favorite external drive that I own. ONA will be one of their awesome Bowery bag's, which the winner will be able to choose the color they want. B&H will be giving a $50 card. I will randomly choose 3 sign-ups to win and will announce the winners in the newsletter that will go out at the end of April! 

To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of this email or at the bottom of the Home page. I truly appreciate all of you that follow my work and continue to show me the love that you do! Looking forward to share more with you all now with the monthly newsletter and promise to make it worth the extra notification letting you know another email just came in!

Thank you!