Medium Format

Osprey Film Scans

Received my film scans back from TheFINDLab that I took on the Osprey trip with Ben Wurst. Taken with the Pentax645N with Fuji400H.

Pentax 645N - First Scans Are Back!

I picked up a mint condition Pentax 645N a couple months ago and have been shooting it here and there during weddings and engagement shoots getting a feel for it. Unlike digital, not being able to see the results immediately, I had to wait until now to see the results and if I had been making any mistakes. I sent 4 rolls off to the FIND Lab to be processed and scanned last week and just received the scans back tonight. Hoping that I had been shooting and exposing this camera correctly, I was a little nervous as to what they would give me. The cool thing about the FIND Lab is that they are photographers processing your film, so they leave you notes on mistakes they think you made as well as suggestions to improve. Well, the only mistakes listed were that the 2 rolls of 220 Fuji400 must have had loading issues and had half frames and a few empty frames, but other than that, everything was good. Here are a handful of my favorite scans that I got back. I absolutely love how the Pentax handles, feels, and shoots. It's extremely easy to use and from what the scans show, the AF is on the money. I definitely plan on incorporating film now going forward for our wedding work. All of these were shot with Fuji400 and rated at either 250 or 400.