Sony & Leica Glass | A Perfect Combo?

Over the past few months I have been testing the Sony A7S and A7II with several different popular Leica lenses, to see how good they performed and compared them to the Leica M9 and M240. Since I own the Leica M9 and a couple Leica lenses, I have been asked A LOT, whether I felt the Sony A7S and A7II can do a better job. There is something special about shooting a rangefinder like the M9 and M240, but there is also something special about the images they produce. I spent months putting the Sony bodies up against the Leica M bodies, using the same lenses, and put finally put an article together on SLR Lounge to discuss what I found. I was able to get the Sony bodies from B&H for the testing, and my friends at Leica were kind enough to lend me the M240 body along with a couple lenses. Since then, as many of you know, I have purchased the Sony A7II which led a lot of you to believe that I had started shooting it in place on my Leica. Not the case, in fact, I shoot them together side by side most of the time. Many have asked if I had sold my Leica M9, that is something I don't see myself doing anytime soon, even if Leica releases a new M body. There is something special about the M9 sensor that gives the images it produces a look like no other camera I have ever shot with, and I try to show you that in my article. Read my article and let me know your thoughts, I tried to give enough sample images to back up everything I personally found in my comparisons. 

If you are interested in purchasing the Sony A7II, here is where I bought mine - SONY A7II 

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