2015 Mentoring Program




I get asked all the time how I managed to go from buying my first DSLR camera 4 years ago to running a very successful business, having my work published, and even having companies ship their products to me to simply get my thoughts and write reviews. There isn’t an easy answer to that question, because there are a lot of factors that played a role in that process. I’m in a place now where I want to help take someone from where I was 3 or 4 years ago and get them to where I am today even faster, by taking them under my wing and personally helping them get there.

This year is going to be bigger and better than ever for me both personally and professionally, and what a better way to learn than be part of all of it with me. There were a lot of photographers that don’t believe in letting others in on the keys to their success, but I don’t believe in keeping secrets in this industry. I want to teach everything I know and be a completely open book to those that want to have me as their coach for the next year. Here is how I plan on making that happen for 4 photographers that want to take advantage of having me as their coach...and friend.

1 full year of having me coach and mentor you through what ever challenges come your way.

Monthly 1 hour skype meetings covering topics previously requested

Question and answer sessions where nothing is off limits

Teaching my editing process and techniques using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Exposure

Marketing techniques including everything social media

Business strategies that have led to booking 40 weddings this year

Managing personal and professional life while not losing your mind

Getting published

Shooting techniques

Website help

Anything and everything else you can think of, I will be an open book


Total of $2000 for a year