Something New

I wanted a way to showcase my personal photography projects without having to use Cass Imaging's website, keeping my personal work separated from the business. I had quickly looked through the Squarespace templates while looking for a new blog format to use for Cass Imaging a short time ago and liked what I seen, so I thought this would be a great and simple way to show off some of my personal work and projects. 

Before Sandi and I had decided to take Jay Cassario Photo and turn it into Cass Imaging, I had purchased the domain name through GoDaddy, which I still had available since I purchased just shortly after that.

So, with the extremely simple setup and awesome templates at Squarespace, and having the my domain name still available, I figured I would pay Squarespace for a month and see how it goes. 

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Thanks!