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South Jersey wedding photographer Jay Cassario blog. Writer for SLR Lounge and 

Big Weekend Coming In October - Coast to Coast

Jay Cassario

The details are still being worked out, but the plan is looking like I'll be leaving for the West Coast on Tuesday evening sometime, October 16th, to spend a few days in San Diego shooting a couple new projects and hanging out with my Dad. Have a lot planned and since I haven't been to Cali since I was a kid, I can't wait. I'm a little disappointed Sandi won't be able to make the trip but with her new job still having her on a probation period its pretty much impossible to take any time off right now. 


Im planning on finding a flight out of San Diego on Saturday morning, picking up my truck, and making the 5 hour drive up to Ithaca, NY. I've been dying to get up to Ithaca, specifically Robert H. Treman State Park, for the past couple years to photograph the awesome variety of waterfalls the area has to offer. It's most likely going to be a short trip but I know exactly where I want to go and I should be able to make the best out of just a day and a half of shooting.


Im sure Im going to be pretty beat up after a coast to coast flight and a 5 hour drive to Ithaca by myself, but I'm hopefully going to be meeting up with Sandi and some good friends once I get to the campground. Trying to set it up so that once I get there I can just unpack, grab a beer, and pull up a seat and kick my feet up to a nicely burning bonfire. Sunday morning, the plan...spend all day shooting what is widely regarded as some of the most impressive waterfalls in America, including the falls in the photo above, TAUGHANNOCK FALLS