Happy Birthday Mom


57 years ago today, a little girl named Nancy Gail Cheesman was born, 23 years later she brought me into this world and began her new life as the person I called Mom. She was everything I could have ever dreamed a mother could be, and because of her I have become who I am today. I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing mother every day, and the 33 years that I was lucky enough to spend with her. 

It was because of my Mom that I have accomplished what I have in this short time frame that I have called myself a photographer. I spent my entire life watching my Mom carry a camera, always photographing my sister and I every chance she could get. When we weren't around to photograph, she had her farm full of different animals to fill the frame of her photos. There are literally boxes and boxes of printed 4x6 photos that she either had developed, or printed out once she went to digital. She never ever missed an opportunity to have her camera out and at times I remember even becoming extremely annoyed at having to stop and pose for pictures while on family vacations. Its those moments now, that looking back, Im so thankful for, especially as I find myself smiling at the memories she was able to capture through the years. 

I was lucky to have such a talented mother as long as I did, and one that not only pushed me to do more with my artistic talents, but no matter how good or bad my photographs were, always told me how gifted I was. She was my biggest fan, and I now have stacks of 8x10 wooden frames that she bought to frame my work in to show for it. Even when there was no room left in the house to hang them, she would still frame them anyways with the mindset that she would find somewhere to hang them one day. 

I know she's still my biggest fan and the reason for all of the success that I have had with Cass Imaging, as well as the reason that I can even dare call myself a photographer. She was a talented artist and photographer, but most of all...a talented mother, and is the reason for everything I have accomplished in my life. I got to spend 33 amazing years with her, and am proud to say I'm her son. 

Happy Birthday Mom!