Geminid Meteor Shower Over Ocean City NJ

Awesome night shooting the Geminid Meteor Shower with two good friends, Jack Fusco and Ben Canales in Ocean City last night. This was a nice change from all the portrait work, and was my first meteor shower...I wasn't let down. I've never seen so many shooting stars!

I had no intentions of actually going out last night and shooting, but once the three of us hung out for about an hour and realized it was a beautiful clear sky...we knew we couldn't miss out. 

I hadn't seen the 59th Street pier in Ocean City since Hurricane Sandy that's where we went. I had heard that there wasn't much left standing of one of my favorite places to shoot, and there wasn't. Portrait stuff has been so much of my focus lately that I was geeked out to be out just to be out shooting stars, and with two of the best in the night photography game. 

I will be posting more of my shots as well as a couple from Jack and Ben in the coming week. Enjoy!