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Webinar Reviews

Jay's Defining Your Style training was beyond helpful. He takes you through Lightroom, showing you all of his tips, tricks and techniques to really help you work with Lightroom to define your editing style. Jay has spent countless hours working with and mastering Lightroom and this training helps take the guesswork out of where to start in defining your style. Beyond his phenomenal shooting, gear, and editing knowledge, Jay genuinely cares and is so supportive of other photographers. I have no doubt in my mind that if (and when!) I have an editing question, he will be more than happy to help.  I am so glad that I took this training!

Dan Sauer

Jay Cassario is not only a talented photographer but a great educator. I took his webinar on Defining your style through  editing processes and creating custom presets. His depth of knowledge and approach to teaching is among the best I have been exposed to. If you have the chance to learn from Jay I would highly recommend it!

David Wagelmans

I'm from Belgium and attended the online workshop. Very learning and awesome experience. Not only how the Twisted oak studios signature style, but also the process it took to get there. Highly recommended workshop, Big A+ and Jay is just one cool, friendly and down to earth guy. If More top photographer were like this, the world would Be a better Place ;)

Beau Ridge

Though I am an established photographer, post-production has always been a weak point for me. Understanding all the tools, and options can be overwhelming, especially when starting out in editing. Jay’s approach is both simple and easy to follow. Whether you are looking to mimic a style you love, tweak a few styles to make your own, or find a style completely your own, this video will help you find the way.

Calvin James

Before your webinar I struggled with using VSCO. I often saw where many photographers would incorporate Alien Skin Exposure along with their VSCO edit but I didn't have a clue as to what presets they were adding in Exposure.  Your tutorial was extremely beneficial to me.  I can see the benefits of using one VSCO preset to define your style.  I'm often all over the place when using VSCO though I do tend to stick with Pack 05.  After viewing your webinar my takeaway was that it's important to create a look that is consistent which will allow my work to stand out to potential clients. When you showed that you shot reset the Basic settings made my editing so much easier.  The recommendation to sharpen and add split toning in Exposure made a vast improvement in my images.  Thank your for producing this webinar, I've started to incorporate what was covered in this session and I'm definitely seeing improvement in my post production.  

Andrew Michael

I found Jay's "defining your style" so jam packed with awesomely useful info that I'm still referring back to the replay months later.

Jay explained his journey in photography and walked us through how he defined his own unique style. From gear choices, to lighting to post production Jay touched on many aspects of how he got his look and shared his "secrets" with us.

Other classes I've taken move way too fast and have no real-time feedback built in. Jay took plenty of breaks throughout the course, to incorporate questions and answers which was very helpful.

By taking his advice and working hard at it, my pictures have progressed to the point where friends and family are now asking me to do shoots for them!

What a great feeling, that people think enough of my images that they want me to shoot for them. Jay puts a lot of himself out there and I'm grateful for that, because it has helped shape who I am as a photographer.

Now, if I can only get him to help me define my dad bod :)