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Editing Fundamentals Workshop




- November 29th, 2017 -

A 3 hour post-processing workshop at the Twisted Oaks Somerdale, NJ Studio.

With the recent changes introduced by Adobe causing more commotion then ever regarding Lightroom, there's never been a better time to start exploring other options. Lightroom as we know it is on its way out, and unless you're prepared, you could be in for some serious trouble. If you think you struggle now, it will only get worse. If purchased presets have helped you to this point, the lack of understanding the development adjustments they are applying will cripple you. Learn to create your own presets. Learn about the new cloud based Lightroom and if it's an option for you. Learn about Alien Skin Exposure and why it's one of the best options out there to replace Lightroom. Learn some of the basic tricks in Photoshop.




Lightroom Classic basics from creating catalogs to how catalogs work. Will cover the my entire workflow from import to develop and how to safely use Lightroom to failsafe backup. I will also be covering organization to creating presets, plugins to exporting, and the difference between file sizes for print and the web. Most photographers using Lightroom don't know a lot of the basics and only know enough to get by. Running a studio of photographers who weren't originally all familiar with using Lightroom made me quickly realize how important the basics are and how much extra unnecessary work you can be creating for yourself. 



With Lightroom, as we know it slowly going to be left for dead by Adobe, it's time to start exploring other software options. One of the more popular choices is Alien Skin Exposure, or X3. Adobe will be focused on their cloud based version of Lightroom going forward, making X3 the easiest choice to transition over to for a lot of photographers like myself who have already been using it for years as a plugin. While Adobe seems to be moving away from professionals and more towards those looking to edit on their iPad, Alien Skin has been making major improvements on their already impressive software. A nice mix of LR and Photoshop, X3 is my personal choice to replace the Lightroom of the past.



What is this new cloud based Lightroom all about, and is it something you'll be able to use once the LR you know so well is gone? I'll give you the run down and show you first hand what the new LR CC is.


photoshop Basics + Tricks

If your editing skills are limited to just Lightroom, and Photoshop seems completely overwhelming to you, I'll show you some of the basics that you should know. I'll also be going over some simple tricks of the trade.

Kara + Mike-3.jpg


While I'll do my best to dig somewhat deep into each topic, there will always be questions. Asking questions is how I learn, so I want to give each attendee some time for that. Someone from Alien Skin will be joining as well.