CAMp reset 2017


Moses Cruz

To me the theme of this workshop was exactly what I needed.  A Reset.  A reminder to step back and take a look at my business and my art from a different perspective.  The main thing I appreciated about this workshop was that it was focus on the concept of "Reset". 

Most workshops try to cater to a large group of people by covering a very wide range of topics in a short period of time.  For some photographers, this means attending a workshop to listen to a lot of information that you already know and maybe taking away a small portion of new information.  

The 3 speakers Jay, Bud, and Doug showed an immense respect for the attendees, our time and our investment by staying focused on the concepts of Camp Reset.  Each of them also took the time to talk to all the attendees and learn more about each of us on a personal level as well as sharing business concepts, marketing strategies, and shooting techniques.  

If i was to be honest, I'd have to say that going into the workshop I assumed it would be like many other workshops and I had doubts that I'd take away a good amount of NEW valuable information.  I'm very glad that was not the case.  


Daniel Nydick

I can't say enough good things about Camp Reset 2017. I came in with an open mind, and left with a mind blown. 

It was about people. It wasn't dry lectures, it wasn't a bunch of 'this is how I do it so you should do it this way, too'. It was about how our hosts (notice I didn't say 'presenters') found the spark within themselves, how they embrace it to connect with not only their clients, but the world around themselves, as well. 

Photography is a gift to Jay, Doug, and Bud, and it's also a gift they give to the world. 

One of the many things I took away from this weekend was that photography is my gift as well, and that embracing it can and will bring abundance to my life in many forms. 

Yes, running a business was one of the topics covered, for me, abundance goes far beyond that. My peer network is now larger, my sense of community and brotherhood is stronger, and my belief in myself has never been greater.

I've been re-inspired to follow my heart. Photography is such a personal journey for me, and I was encouraged to dig deeper, travel further, and to explore and embrace the challenges and fears I face as a creative soul. 

Thank you Jay!

The Gary Feng

So this past weekend I took my very first workshop hosted by Jay Cassario, and guest speakers Douglas Polle and Bud Johnson. It was a 2 night 3 day workshop that was held in the Poconos.

All of them did a great job with their presentation, and none of them held back. They answered all our questions to their best knowledge. When we had little breaks in between, they were demonstration some of techniques with TS and double exposures. Last day they had a couple come there, and we practiced what we learned. I had an amazing time and would def recommend this workshop to others. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of awesome photographers this weekend. If you ever thought about attending a wedding workshop, this is the one!

Kim Angelo

Camp Reset had a major impact on me and my business.  Leaving 2016, I felt a little bored with my photography.  I was over the same old posing and techniques.  I actually didn't want to even pick up my camera in the month of December.  When I signed up for Camp Reset I was hoping that the weekend getaway would do just what it promised to do.... Reset me and my business.... Well it did just that and more!  Not only did I connect with some amazing photographers, I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.  Jay Cassario, Bud Johnson, and Douglas Polle all delivered awesome workshops.  Each mentor offered something different.  Being able to grab one of these guys in our down time to practice new techniques was priceless!  Camp Reset gave me new skills and marketing techniques, but also ignited my passion for photography again.... It was a weekend I'll never forget and something I will hope to do again in the future!!

Victor Shiu

I've been to a few workshops, WPPI, PDN so I consider myself knowledgeable in a bad workshop and a good workshop. Honestly, i had no idea what to expect when i signed up. All i know was Jay and Doug were speaking (Jay added his friend Bud and that was a huge plus). I've always loved Jay and Doug's tilt shift images and i was struggling grasping on what to do with my newly acquired Tilt-shift lens. Sure i know how to get a decent image, but i never knew how to take it to the next level. Hoping they would cover such topic, i signed up, and i'm sure glad i did.

Jay picked a great set of people. Him, Doug, and Bud. All successful professionals, all shoot differently, all market differently, but yet all had one thing in common. They were all open books. You asked, they answered. There was no holding back, no beating around the question. They told us years of experiences, years of failures, years of successes. All because they truly want to teach us to become the best photographer that we can be. Many friends were made, and i've learned things i never would have thought to learn. I can tell you what i've learned, but i don't want to take that experience away from anyone.

There are people out there who are looking for a quick buck. Trying to take advantage of photographers who are still new to the business. Jay is not one of them. Actually, with everything he provided and the location, i'm not sure if he actually made any money out of this. And i actually don't think they care as long as everyone was able to learn something and had a great time.


Cecilia Grace

What an amazing weekend it was! 

Camp Reset was exactly the refresher I needed to get out of the rut. It helped me get back to the basics, to what's really important. It wasn't about the latest gears, tricks and gimmicks. It was about something more real and genuine like client relationship and how to respect it. Investing in each other thru friendship. Being a successful creative does not mean you lose your humanity.

I gained a new way of thinking, renewed confidence and amazing new friends in the process who I can trust for advice, encouragement and my constant source of inspiration. 

I'm looking forward to Camp Reset 2018!


Peter Mackey

Camp Rest was the perfect setting to learn, have fun, and experiment in a safe, judgement free group. There were no egos here, and everyone really got to connect with each other in a meaningful way. Each speaker was diverse in their experience and background so there was very little overlap in the content which is great.

Also, each of the speakers was very transparent and approachable. If you didn’t get a question answered during their talk, you could follow up later while sharing a meal or a laugh.

Jay really did an awesome job with his first workshop and if you are considering joining up the next time it comes around, don’t hesitate. You will be inspired, you will learn, and you will come away with a new group of crazy friends. Everyone needs to hit that reset button from time to time. Now is your time. See you there. 

Jenna DeHart

Jay, Bud and Doug each gave valuable insight into their journey as well as inspiration for ideas and practices to implement into new business behavior. They didn't hesitate to answer questions and connect with everyone in attendance. Most people respond to and absorb information when they are comfortable and do not feel judged. That is exactly the environment provided in this workshop, and more.  There will never be a workshop that will instantly solve all of your business or technical issues/ hurdles.  

You won't purchase a Webinar that will actually give you 5 fast tips to double your bookings. If you're looking for a fast track to success you should know it isn't realistic.  It takes time and work.  What camp reset will leave you with is a revamped foundation and inspiration to improve your approach, insight, direction of thought. It also helps with your ability to serve clients and give you the mental tools needed to realize potential within you to be the best artist and version of your business possible. 

Chris Galvin

Camp Reset was one of the best workshops I've gone too. As a photographer with a long list of unanswered questions- I left there with them answered and more. The techniques I learned were well worth it as well.

Jay, Bud, and Doug were open books, they didn't hold back anything for a minute. I can't thank them enough for sharing their knowledge and talent with all of us. If and when they host another event, I know I'll be going back again. Inspiration is key in this industry, and Camp Reset went above and beyond to get us all prepared for the busy wedding season.

Olga Hinchman

I knew I wanted to do the Camp Reset from the day it was announced. Being a huge fan of Twisted Oaks from the very beginning it presented an amazing opportunity to learn from Jay himself as well as other speakers!

Surrounding myself with likeminded people has always been the biggest inspiration for me and the camp did just that! Between the lectures, the shoot and a few little hang outs we had, it was a great balance of learning, sharing, trying new things and simply enjoying a great weekend.

It was not a huge workshop, so we had an opportunity to talk not only to each other but to each speaker individually. All three speakers had different stories of getting into photography, different styles and business practices, but they were all open to discuss, share and answer any questions. This created an amazing learning  environment for the whole weekend.

We also had a little session with the local couple on the last day of the Reset. It was a hands on experience to try things that we just heard while being guided by the speakers.

All that and a great location, with amazing views and good food made this weekend a blast!

Truly hoping to attend CampRest next time as well.


Hasan Aj

I'm usually at a loss of words when it comes to writing reviews but here it goes.  I have had terrible experiences with past workshops where the person holding them is either sponsored by another product and markets it, or hold back tons of information and giving you just a few keynotes pitching for another workshop which is also priced at a higher price point.  Because of these experiences, I've been a bit skeptical for any future workshops.  

Along came Camp Reset.  I really admire Doug and Jay's work.  I've never met Bud Johnson but he was the best added bonus for sure.  I was still skeptical but once I got there, my expectations were not only met, they were exceeded.  Jay, Bud and Douglas were an open book.  They shared anything you needed to know without holding back.  The price was more than reasonable.  This was not a "Click and bait" workshop where you get lured into a webinar or something like that and are told to pay more to learn more.  This was a all hands on deck workshop with no holds barred when it came to asking questions.  

Needless to say, I will be much more interested in attending their future workshops as it was a great opportunity to meet and greet new people and learn about their various talents.  I finally felt confident in attending a workshop where I felt my money was well spent and not wasted.

Bridget Quigley

Camp Reset was a refreshing yet mind-challenging weekend spent with exceptionally creative individuals.  It was wonderful to share ideas with and learn from kind artists that truly want us all to succeed. 

During and after the time spent, I felt both inspired and excited to slightly change my approach with my clients; it is truly about digging deeper, providing outstanding customer service and building relationships. 

I was one of the newer photographers in the group, yet I was treated like an equal and felt comfortable asking any questions-- how amazing it is, to be welcomed in a judgment free zone where community beats competition.  Overall Camp Reset was an amazing weekend and I can't wait to do it again.  I walked in a stranger to most and left with 15+ new friends.  I feel energized and enthusiastic about doing what I love and am grateful I was able to spend quality time with some of the best people in the photography world.  

Eric Talerico

I was super excited for this workshop and it didn’t disappoint. Twisted Oaks, led by Jay Cassario, filled a weekend full of fun, invaluable information, and most importantly connections between people. 

Friday was spent just hanging out, settling in, and getting to know everyone. I nice way to get things started. The workshop on Saturday was a full day that covered everything from tips on running your business to more technical topics like double exposure, tilt shifts, and lots of other fun stuff. There were 3 speakers: Jay Cassario, Bud Johnson, and Douge Polle who all knocked it out of the park. They couldn’t have been more open and helpful in their presentations. Any question asked was answered and all of the guys made sure to spend time with anyone who wanted to go over techniques or had questions.  Plus the food was kick ass too. I can’t remember the last workshop i went to that had steak and lobster bisque!

The workshop ended with a model shoot on Sunday where Jay went over how he approaches a shoot from beginning to end. What was different about this than other workshops I have attended is Jay made sure everyone had a chance to shoot and pose the models offering his help along the way. 

There was also time in the weekend for light painting, astrophotography, and just hanging out and having a beer with friends. Couldn’t have been a better weekend. I definitely plan on attending the next reset in the future. 

Noreen Turner

Camp Reset was a total game changer when it comes to photography workshops. I participated in so many workshops that focused on business, what to do, what not to do, how to shoot in certain light, and basically how to shoot just like the person teaching the workshop. Those workshops were definitely helpful and they shaped my business.

Camp Reset on the other hand was a complete life changer, for me at least. As I listened to the stories of each presenter and saw the photos that they created, I learned that it is ok to break the rules, to live your life, to learn about your clients and let them in, and to create art. This might be obvious to some people but sometimes we are all in a creative rut. Not only did the workshop itself provide a great deal of learning but the atmosphere of the entire weekend gave all of us the opportunity to learn from each other.

We stayed up late photographing the stars, talking about our families, our lives and our businesses. I learned so much just from making 20 new friends. I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who feels like they need to connect with photography again. Anyone who feels like they are overwhelmed with business, money, taxes, etc. If you need to feel emotionally connected and in love with making photos again, this is the place to be. 

Thanks again for an amazing weekend. I actually see things in a different light now and feel a bit more creative and connected than I did prior to the workshop :)