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WHat is camp reset




Why a reset...

Simply put, because we all need it. Whether you are new to this industry, or a well seasoned pro, making necessary changes to start the year off is a crucial step to success. Charging into 2017 will only work if we leave 2016 behind us, whether good or bad. Even the best computers need a hard reset every now and then. Because the hardest working and most successful people know the value of a good reset. Don't get this confused though. To reset isn't to repeat... it's to regroup, retool, and prepare yourself to take on the new year ahead. Anyone can experience success early on, but if you don't learn how to adapt and make the necessary changes, that success will be short lived.

Camp Reset is all about openly sharing what we took from this year, setting goals, and educating ourselves in an environment where there are no secrets and there are no questions off-limits. Education is hands down the most important ingredient to continued success. Mix that with the experiences learned this year, both in business and your personal life, and you have the recipe to a successful 2017. 

We want everyone to leave Camp feeling refreshed, recharged, and feeling that you have a new plan of attack for the year ahead. We want you to feel like you have been pushed, challenged, and given a new set of tools to move forward in the most positive way. 

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