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An introduction and in-depth look into what a reset is and why it's needed. We'll very honestly look at the past year in our business and personal lives. We'll have an open discussion on the good and bad, what we learned, and how we plan to attack 2017. 



Some photographers will tell you that inspiration is a bad thing, and those who go out and create epic imagery on their own are real photographers. Not true, well not completely. Yes, learning to create on your own, in your own way, is what will separate you from everyone else. But, you should never stop being inspired. Learning how to use inspiration the right way is the key to success, and we will explain just that.





What drives us? 

For a good majority of us, photography started out as simply a hobby. At some point we decided to try our hand at turning it into a business. A lot of us fail, and end up despising their once loved hobby. A much smaller percentage makes it. We all have stories about what drives us, and being able to channel that drive and use it as the strength to push through the difficult times. Learning how to take your once loved hobby and make it fun again in your business is what will help separate you from the rest. We will have an open discussion on just that. 



Every client has a unique story to tell, it's our job to as photographers to tell that story through our imagery. We will talk about how to anticipate moments, capture real and honest emotion, and break yourself of the mindset of needing to create all the time. We will talk about how to create blog posts that our clients will love, and new clients will be attracted to. 



Learning to connect with your clients can be a struggle early on. A lot of photographers don't quite understand the real meaning to client connection. Most will try to impress clients with their fancy portfolios and awards, missing out on the real key to making them fall in love with you. Once you learn the art of connecting with your clients on more of a personal level, your clients will become your biggest fans. They already know your work and how good you are before meeting with you. Learn how to break through that personal barrier and double, if not, triple your bookings. 



A crash course on how to create an efficient workflow for organization, editing, and backup. How to speed up editing and culling to leave more time to your personal life or for your business. Don't drown in work because you're not doing things as efficient as you could be, and don't find yourself panicking from missing photos. Learn the right way and leave Camp Reset with a whole new workflow.