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Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is my workhorse on wedding days, I shoot with two of them throughout most of the day. They have their issues, most have been resolved with recalls, but both of mine have not had any (knock on wood). The D750 is the best all around camera I've shot with to date, with a fullframe sensor with awesome dynamic range and high ISO performance. While there still isn't a camera on the market today, DSLR or mirrorless, that does everything perfectly, the D750 comes pretty close for me. My biggest complaint with it is the button layout which still annoys the crap out of me, I really wish Nikon had just given it the same layout as the D810.

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Nikon Df

The Nikon Df was my workhorse prior to the D750 being released. While a lot of photographers didn't like the Df because of all the dials and knobs, I loved shooting with it as my main body. I still kept the Df even after purchasing the two D750's because I love it too much to get rid of it. When I have a job that only requires one camera body, I grab the Df. I still prefer the color profile of it's sensor to the D750, and if it had a better grip that made it a little more comfortable to hold, I probably would shoot with it more on wedding days. It has the sensor from the D4 which gives it excellent dynamic range and high ISO performance. 

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Leica M240

The Leica M240 is my go to for everything that doesn't require the speed or autofocus of a DSLR. It's my go to for when I want to create art. It's for almost all of my personal work and it's usually what I shoot most engagement sessions with since I'm able to slow things down and not be in a rush or time crunch. Shooting with a rangefinder is special, it inspires me, it makes me love photography and enjoy shooting like I did when it was just a hobby and not a profession. If you've never shot with a Leica M, it's hard to understand, I didn't until I shot one, and then I was hooked. I've invested a good amount of money into my Leica setup, because it's worth every penny to me. 

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Canon 6D

Although I'm primarily a Nikon shooter when it comes to DSLR's, there's a good reason that I shoot both systems. While Canon still hasn't been able to release a sensor that can come close to Nikon in terms of dynamic range and high ISO performance, when the light is good, Canon shines. The sensors of the 6D and 5D series create images that have something very special about them. The colors are simply beautiful, and when paired with a few of their lenses that I love, there's something I simply love about what comes out of the camera. I used to have two 5D Mark3's, but once I tried the 6D for about a week, I sold them and kept the 6D. The 6D does everything I need, and honestly, just about everything the Mark3 can do as far as I'm concerned with images that I feel are the best that I've seen from a Canon sensor. The only reason I can see choosing a Mark3 over the 6D is if you need 1/8000 sec shutter speed over 1/4000, a few more AF points, and dual card slots. I don't mind shooting with a single card slot, the 1/4000 sec doesn't bother me, it has a much quiter shutter than the Mark3, and is 20% lighter. Win.