2013....Here We Go!!!

2013 started off with a jump in the ice cold Atlantic Ocean, with the close friends and family in the pic above, just shortly after the ball dropped. The loss of my Mom on New Years Day of 2012 was a real kick in the ass to make a lot of changes in my life, ones that resulted in a year that brought amazing success. I hate to have to admit that happened that way, but it did. As I lost my breath from the freezing cold ocean water at 12:30AM this morning, I thought of the pain I felt this time last year, and used the loss of feeling in my extremities to remind me to not slow down or get too comfortable. I plan on making 2013 even bigger and it started the moment I stepped out of the water onto the dry sand and scrambled to get my clothes back on. Happy New Years everyone, make 2013 a good one.